Pass the liquor to the left hand side,
once it's inside I'll be in stride for the very next day.
Ain't much to do, just sip on this ol' magic brew and play.
Oh I'm blown away.
Hunched over the toilet again,
what a price to pay for a good time.
Hanging out with all my friends. I'm sick as hell but I don't mind.
My head's in a spin, I got a bubbling cauldron deep within but I'm ok.
I'm already tanked, but there's lots more good stuff to drink what can I say?
The throne's calling me.
You might think I'm stupid but I don't care.
Life's much better when you're drunk and unaware.
A waste of talent and time, it might be true but police and politics
don't leave me much else to do...Oh yeah!
My stomach's in pain, feels like something's pounding my brain ain't it strange?
I know this ain't good, find something else if I could I would
but the night life's lame so everything is the same.