Tell Me

I never thought it could be,
but now I think yeah maybe.
And if it is I want to try.
At first we hinted at it,
the surface yeah we scratched it.
Although I can't say when where or why.
So tell me is it real?
I wanna know how I'm supposed to feel.
I don't know how this works.
I don 't know how it goes cause at this whole thing I'm brand new.
Is experience necessary?
I need some commentary cause it all came from out of the blue.
So tell me is it real?
I wanna know how this is supposed to feel.
Whatever this must be it's really got me really got me singing.
I'm afraid to point out exactly what I'm feeling
cause what I'm feeling might be wrong.
besides who knows, this could all be simply momentary.
Tomarrow I'll wake up and it might be gone.
I tried to slow it down and keep it on the inside
but on my face it shows.
Oh, you know what I have done?
Something has gone wrong.
Somehow love got into my song.