Sept. 24th '98 Blindspot, Monkey, JFC

Well boys and girls it's story time again, so here we go! I arrived downtown around 8:15pm, parked my car,
and walked towards the front of Palookaville. There was NO ONE there the doors to Palookaville were locked,
but people were inside. So I rest my head against a parking meter- after all I was very tired. I had one heck of
a day. From 11am-3pm I was at Slow Gherkin's video shoot for "How Now Lowbrow" (danandnand Hey!) And I did my
share of dancing and screaming there. Now as if this weren't enough, at 4pm I had to run a cross country race.
I just kept reciting "I don't think enough, I think too much!" over and over during the race, and I actually improved
my time by 4 minutes! Ok, enough of that though….So back to my story…So I'm leaning on the meter when Achilles
walks out (no purple hair this time, just the usual bleached) and we say our hellos, and he re-confirms with me
that he put me and my friend KT on the guest list. He makes some comment about the huge poster with David on it,
which I don't exactly recall what it was. Then David and some other band members came out in a hurry, and Achilles
told me they were heading off towards Zack Kent (of Slow Gherkin)'s house. David comes over and asks if I'm Hannah,
and I say yeah. I put out my hand to shake hands, so he shakes it, then he says, "Aw come here, you deserve a hug"
so I get my hug. =0) He thanks me for the webpage, and for the letter…then they leave. I sat there in a daze just
smiling for about 10 minutes. It was a good start to the night. So eventually my friend KT shows up, and we go get our
tickets by checking in and telling them we're on the guest list. Wow…what an honor. It was really neat.

So now we're inside P-ville, it's about 8:50pm, and we see our friends Tenderloin and Vince. So we snag
a table and chairs- we were all exausted. Then we head to the merchandise table, where Jeff says hello, and
I bug him about me never getting any of the mailings. I've ONLY signed their freakin' guestbook at every
show I've seen them play…but I did it again, right in front of his face, so maybe I'll get the next mailer.
We then go sit down again.

I believe at 9:15 or so-maybe closer to 9:30 JFC came on stage….This was the first JFC show that I've attended
where there weren't any anti-JFC signs. The people there actually supported them this show- even though there
were maybe only 30 people there when they played. Their set was better than usual-I look upon them higher ever
since they said Happy B-day to me onstage at the Gherkin cd release party 9-12-98. Their set included the hit
"Dream Girl" and other favorites such as "She's so cool". Next up was Monkey. They put on their usual good show
and got people a little more into the skankin' mood. Some of the song I recognized were "Artebella", "$30 suit",
"No color no power", "cha cha ska" and others which names have skipped my mind. During Monkey, I went up to talk
to David at the merchandise table (he had asked me to do that before the show) And I decided that finally to my
Blindspot collection I must add a shirt. So I ask David to look for a large black Ax Zero, and I felt really bad,
because he went through both of their shirt boxes like twice and didn't find one. Then I said I'd take the Blue
Blindspot logo one. So Now I have I shirt to add to my collection.

Finally around 11 pm Blindspot comes onstage! Wooo-hoo! I finally got off my butt and danced- I was saving
every ounce of energy I had for them! So I head to my usual spot- front row right between Achilles and Jeff.
I brought my camera this time, to take some pictures for the webpage- so as soon as I get those developed
look for them on the page! So Vince and I are chillin' there waiting for the band to come on- and if I'm not
mistaken I think it was Kim who came over and gave me a set list right then b/c me and Vince were trying to
read it upside down. So here's what the dandy set-list reads- they played a really short set this time- only 11 songs plus the encore.
Of course
Accel. 0
So tell me
Believe- Achilles dedicated this song to me, which was really awesome! Thank you Achilles =0)
Mid Ground- a new song- quite up-beat I really liked it
(They finished Maude here- the doot-doot do do, horn part.)

Once again during Maude, David asked us to do a congo line, so we do, but he didn't join us this time!
Next comes the awesome part of my story here. They leave the stage (before they left some guy was throwing
change at the band like quarters and dimes and stuff) and everyone starts shoutin, "BLIND SPOT!" Ross
from Slow Gherkin was to my right, and he had a "Y" drawn on his chest. If I remember correctly AJ had the
"H" and I don't remember who had the "E", but Gherkin was trying to say "HEY" (ahhhhh How Now Lowbrow flashbacks!)
to Blindspot. So they come back on stage, and They say how they're a little ill-prepared for an encore, so they
give us one song. DR HUX. Ok, now it was some girls birthday- and mine was last week. So this girl asked if she
could come onstage, and they let her, then Achilles asked me to come up, so I did. It was so cool! So David tells
us that we're gonna have to dance with him-so we do. David let me sing a bit into the mic, then Jeff and Achilles
were singing into the horn mics, and Jeff kinda waved me over to sing with him. It was so awesome…Other than the fact
that I couldn't make my legs move to dance "properly" b/c my legs were so exausted, so I ended up getting my feet stuck
in all the cords. It was fun dancing and singing onstage! So the song ends and I get off the stage…after another quick
hug from David. the lights turn on.

Outside p-ville at like midnight, David comes outside, and KT and I talked to him for a little while. I thanked him for
what he did tonight, and told him that we were gonna try to go see them play on Saturday at the Phoenix. I told him we
just needed to find a hotel room. He said that If he was still living there he'd let us stay with him, but he doesn't
live there. So then I do think he was kinda making fun of me for being interested in attending Sonoma State university,
But he did say there's a lot more goin' on there than at Hayward-where he's at. Boy this is a long review/story type thing…Ummmm
I think that concludes it, it was an awesome night. I came up with one conclusion about why their set might have been so short.
maybe due to their new bassist Josh Clem (who seemed to fit right in with these guys, and he smiled for all the pictures
I took of him)-maybe he's still learning some of the songs, but who knows-that's just what I think. It was a pretty small
crowd tonight, that was kinda dissapointing. Whoever would miss this band play would have to get their head examined. Well,
it's time to sign out here. I have to leave to drive to Sonoma in 7 hours, and I still need to go to sleep first. Later all,
take care, and keep the feet dancing to the beat!