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Blind Spot - Blind Spot (7") and Maude (7")
Blind Spot, PO Box 6762, Santa Rosa CA, USA.
I donít know much about this band, other than they are an 8 piece from California... which at first is not enough to sell me on them. I would tend to be a bit more skeptical because of the self proclaimed ska influenced bands coming from the west coast. I was down at Reptilian Records in Baltimore, and asked the guys to suggest something new to me (they were great guys!!). They handed me two Blind Spot 45's, among other things. The first 45, BLIND SPOT, wasnít bad..Songs like "Dr. Hux" and "Clueless", my two preferences from that 45, ARE good, although the other tunes tend towards the generic. Now, with MAUDE, I was genuinely impressed. They seem to be stepping out of the generic and developing a notable style of their own. "King of the Mountain" and "Burly Man" reconfirm what I feel is a substantial improvement...I am not saying the first of the two 45's I have was bad, because it wasnít, but I will say that I prefer the MAUDE 45 to the BLIND SPOT 45, because I feel, that the former is much more reflective of the actual band than the latter, their own style shows through. If they follow in the tracks that they have been, their upcoming releases should be a treat!! Email Blind Spot at:
Reviewed: April 29, 1997
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IMPACT PRESS-Dec/Jan '96-97
Blind Spot-Maude 7"-Three tracks of up-tempo ska. There is a punk influence and the horns are pretty darn good. Great songs about jocks going to shows to mosh. This is very danceable.
Blind Spot-Maude 7"- A very good 7" from the extremely talented ska band Blindspot. The vocalist is melodic, with similar harmonies, the horn section is tight and used often. The production is very balanced, offering a smooth, even sound for the horn-laden songs. "Maude" on side A, and "King Of The Mountain" are the obvious winners here. They are melodic and upbeat, with plenty of catchy choruses and pleasing vocals. "King" is downright speedy and has more a ska-core feel. The third and final song, "Burly Man", from side B also, is just too forced. It sounds like someone wrote a cool column for a zine or something about unnecessary toughness by big guys at ska shows. A very worthy topic and all, but pushing a song around the words doesn't work. It just feels uncomfortable and awkward. My only true criticism is this: please don't use different speeds for each side. Besides that, this 7" is great, but I feel this group is capable of even better stuff, and I can't wait for more.
SOUND SYSTEM-Issue 4 August '98
Blind Spot-Maude 7"-A three song EP of very smooth ska. Blind Spot plays a nice style of third wave ska without the el punko influence that divides the genre. Long songs that go somewhere, and lyrics that aren't monotonous. A fine slice of vinyl. I'd reccomend all of you folks out there that want more good vinyl to give a few Reptilian releases a try. Low priced 7-inches are a great way to expand your collection and try out some new bands.

These reviews were mailed to me by Chris X of Reptilian records. Thank you Chris!

Blindspot ďAcceleration ZeroĒ
Released on Tomato Head Records í98

This is some of the best ska Iíve heard in a long time. Itís exactly what Iím looking in for a ska band, soul, energy, and great songs. Itís not 3rd wave ska/punk but itís not traditional two-tone, itís somewhere in the middle. One thing it is, is very catchy. For most bands it will take me 2 or 3 listens to get used to their sound but the first time I listened to it I was in love. David Hallís great voice only adds to the appeal of Blinspot. Some great tracks off the album are Acceleration Zero (it could of done without the echo), Believe (a great slow song), The Fly, and Misfits. I was really sorry to hear about all the changes going on with Blindspot but Iím sure theyíll return to their past glory. I would recommend this for any ska fan will love this.
Reviewed by Greg-dizzity dogg send all yaílls shout outs to:

Taken from the Bay Area Ska Page
***1/2Blindspot: "Acceleration Zero," Tomatohead Records
Blindspot plays ska with a rock/punk/r&b edge, varying their style constantly. Vocal stylings of David (who also sings in a chorale, so I've heard) give Blindspot a very recognizable sound. They like to vary their tempos a lot in any given song, such as "I Want to Believe" (which was kind of moving too if you listen to the lyrics). I don't really have a favorite song, but you should definetly check out "Dr. Hux" and the title track, both excellent Blindspot live favorites. And then their is the super-fast "Fly" (just TRY skanking to that!) which I also liked. Overall, I was a bit disappointed with this album because I have very very high expectations of Blindspot and was expecting to adore the album. I still like it a lot and recommend it, though.

Blindspot plays a unique mix of ska, rock, punk and R&B. If you've ever seen them live, you know they put out a ton of energy, and this has made them a local favorite. Now, after more than four years of playing shows, they've put out a full-length album, Acceleration Zero. This eleven song CD shows the full range of their musical talent from the frenzy-paced "The Fly" to the slow, soulful "I Want To Believe". However, a slightly distorded feeling for the entire CD, although at first unique and reminiscent of a live show, combined with the over use of effects on the vocals prevents this CD from being as polished as it could have been. Nevertheless,, for those wanting to take the fun of a Blindspot show home with them, Acceleration Zero is definately worth picking up.
Reviewed by Trevor Yeats. SECTION M Issue 1 Sept. '98

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