November 28th Monkey, Blindspot, My Superhero and The Jamons @ Big Basin Bistro, Saratoga, CA
Alright…where to start? Umm first off overall it was a great night! Ok…so first of all…as most of you know, the show was supposed to be at the Musician's Wherehouse, but since that place got shut down, it was supposed to be at the Saratoga Teen Center…So that's where Jeff, Molly and I drive to…Now we were waiting patiently in the parking lot to get a call from Achilles so we'd know where to meet up with them for dinner. So we sat…and sat…and then a big van pulls up…and I go…YEAH it's some kind of band…Turns out it was My Superhero…so they ask if we know what's going on, and exchange whatever information we might have. Then we kick it with them in the parking lot for at least half an hour…what an energetic bunch…they were running around playing soccer and almost killed my car…but oh well. So Then Kevin of Monkey drives up, and tells us that the show was moved….AGAIN…and that his band was supposed to leave him directions on his voice mail…so we wait while he retrieves the directions…then all of us follow Kevin and My Superhero over to the new location…
Upon arrival we walk in and follow M.S. guys some more…and they joke around with us about how we can't be in the back area where the bands are supposed to go and stuff…but we hang out anyway. Nice bunch of guys. Then we see Eric Fanali and he comes over, introduces himself and makes us feel welcomes- at this point we were practically the ONLY ones in there besides everyone who was setting up. After talking to Eric for a while, we head out to find some food- Achilles still hadn't called us about dinner…and since the show was starting in like 30 minutes we decided to take it upon ourselves to get our own food. We tried this little coffee shop which had some good stuff- recommended by Eric. As soon as we walk out of the place, we see Achilles and Jay across the street (sound familiar from the last show when they had just finished eating when KT and I walked up?) So we talk to them for a bit- and Jeff meets them- he's thinking about trying out for their open trumpet position. Hee hee.. at this point Achilles tells us that Jeff (BS's current trumpet player) prolly won't be coming tonight… and asked if Jeff brought his trumpet! Too bad he didn't. So we go back and hang out in the "venue" and sit on the floor with all the pretty red balloons and beach balls. At this point Achilles introduces us to Sierra (who might I add, I think adds a lot to the band- gives the horns an even fuller sound!) And Jeff gets introduced to every one else.
First band up was The Jamons. What a fun group of guys as well. I had actually never seen them play before, but had only heard GOOD things, so I was expecting a lot. And I wasn't let down. I got a real kick outta their bassist playing his bass out to the side like that!
Next up was supposed to be Blindspot (says the set for the night that I got from Eric anyway)…but apparently they were waiting for the arrival of Josh and Jeff…who arrived some time during My Superhero…who I also got a kick outta. They finished off their set with that Weezer song "You take your car to work, I'll take my board"….God I can't remember the title right now...It was a good set they put on…(not to mention the fact that they announced that their drummer had to take a crap).
Next up was BLINDSPOT- who of course was the main reason I drove up there. Blindspot was great. David tried to share the mic with me a couple times, and during "Carp" (I think) Achilles turned his mic around so I could sing with him. Anyways…here's the set list for you.
Accel. 0
Out Of Time
So Tell Me
Of Course
Middle Ground
(they didn't have time to play this one…damn…I like that song…wanted to hear it again…)
12 (hooray…I asked David if he'd play it, since they could only play one more and they did…he let me start out the song by going 1,2,3 4 5 6,7,8,9,10 11 12!)
Maude (didn't have time for this one either)
So lets see…what especially stood out tonight…I think there was a pretty decent crowd there…especially since the venue was changed so many times. David got a little confused on the set list (some how his kept getting thrown across the "stage".) Then he was introducing the wrong song- and of course I corrected him- and he blamed it on not having his glasses on…and patted me on the head saying something like he could only see Hannah in the front row here. I want to thank Eric if he ever reads this- he sorta took us under his wing tonight and made sure everything was taken care of for us. Yeah, I guess all I can say about Blindspot is they were amazing (like always). These guys have yet to let me down…they really put on one of the greatest live shows I've ever seen. So much fun…and I'm sure along with their great unique music is why they have such a large following. I wish them the best of luck when they hit the road in January for their U.S. tour…it should be really exciting for them…and if they stop by your town be sure to check them out…may I repeat…YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!
Ok- so next up was Monkey! Yeah! I love those guys as well… although, the only times I've seen Monkey play have been with Blindspot…but still, my 3rd time seeing Monkey. What sucked most about tonight were the short sets by the bands-the show was over at around 11pm- I mean I got back to Santa Cruz by 11:45-Although I admit I don't think I could have danced any more for Blindspot's set…since the Cross Country season's been over I've been slacking and not doing my work outs, and now I'm suffering through shows…no more endless energy…now I'm just like everyone else with heavy legs that don't wanna move. Alright, well Monkey's set included, "Ghetto", "Bed Of Fire", "$30 suit", "Bachelor" (a personal favorite! I love when the horn sections bobs up and down and side to side during the bom bom a way oh part..funny thing- sitting in the parking lot at the Teen Center that evening I had been singing this song non-stop) and "No Color No Power" during which we had a congo line going.
Anyways- over all- great show- great bands- great crowd…nothing got too roudy- accept for all the balloons and beach balls being thrown around- which was really fun. We talked to David and Achilles briefly after the show (as well as after the set I talked to Josh and Kim briefly) and before we left the 3 of us all got hugs from Achilles. Then out the door we went (waving to Jay on our way) and I bid farewell to my friend Jeff who was driving the opposite direction. All in all…a very good night…So what if it was a wild goose chase to get there! It is always worth it for Blindspot! I would also like to apologize to anyone who went to my page and looked up the addy of the show-and read "Saratoga Teen Center" but…I thought it was there too….and apparently so did My Superhero…it was a very last minute change and I feel bad for anyone who might have missed the show…although I believe Kevin of Monkey had put a sign on the door before we all paraded over to Big Basin Bistro. But again…I'm sorry to anyone who this affected.
I think it is time for me to go to sleep- again…my praise to you if you cared enough to read this far! See ya at the next show- and as always- keep the feet dancing to the beat!