Ok ok so I've never been your average guy.
Don't think I ever will be no matter how hard I try.
So I've been the odd man out all my life.
Can never live up to what society thinks is right.
Can't live my life for anybody else but me.
Took too long a time for me to see.
People can talk about me, people can stare.
What I am is what I am so I don't care.
Oh why am I such a misfit?
I'm not such a knit-wit.
I guess I should just quit trying to fit in.
Look at me I'm the freak that was sitting in the back of your class,
the one who smiled and waved while you just passed.
I've enver been cool enough, never fit your status quo.
Suppose I couldn't hand on so I just let go.
Love me or leave me to be what I am.
Sorry I'm not the one that can fit in your master plan.
It's me, it's me, just lil 'ol me.
Exactly the way I'm supposed to be.
Finally realized that there's just no way to live up to what people say.
So what you don't want to be around me.
I didn't wanna hang out with you anyway.
Choose to spend my days as me, myself and I instead of living out a lie.
Don't understand why I took the time to try.
I'm a nerd, a freak, a jerk, a punk. NOt cool. NOt hip, but that's ok.