travelin' this land
all eight trapped in a van
leavin' a trail of funky smell
not eatin' well it's hot like hell
keep guzzlin' gas
don't know when i stood up last
we're jammed up tight
we're up all night
we'll be all right when we play tonight
it might seem a million miles away
but we keep on moving until the next day
it might take many more miles
until we hit the next spot
till then the band keeps moving
the van don't stop
Lookin' out in the midnight sky
watching nothing but hills roll by
can't sleep though
my neck's kinda sore
I'm up against the door
lyin' on the floor
it's almost dusk
to get there we gotta rush
can't move slow
we gotta go
put the petal to the floor
off to our next show!