My experiences at the show!

    Okay, I've never written a review before, I don't think I wanna call this 
a review, it's more like a story of what happened (to me specifically) at this
show. Okay, so here we go! I arrived downtown at about 8:30pm, after my friend 
Whitney had insisted that we go through the Taco Bell drive through, and we ended 
up waiting for 10 minutes in line behind some idiots who passed the food back 
like 12 times. So finally I park my car, and Whitney realizes that her ticket 
was in her car which was parked at my house. So I lend Whit my car to drive and 
get her ticket. As we do the car switch, I recognized Jeff in the parking lot.  
    In the mean time, Jason and I walk around the corner from Graphix to 
Palookaville, and who do I see? Achilles sporting his purple hair. So After 
a brief "Hello, how's it going?" from him, Jason and I sit down on the side 
walk. When Whit returns with my car, we enter Palookaville.
    I had decided it was a goal of mine to get the HUGE Blindspot poster that 
was in the door of Palookaville.(okay, okay, so call me an obsessed fan, maybe
I am!!!) So by the end of the night, at whatever costs I would be taking it home 
with me. I believe the music started around 9:30pm, when 78 rpm's played. In my 
opinion they were quite good.
    After they played, I went and found Achilles again, and asked him if he could 
do a favor for me. He said it depended on what it was. I asked him if he could get 
that GIANT poster for me, he said he could try, but security wouldn't even let the 
band itself have it. I told him I thought that was dumb. Well, at this time, I was 
looking for Jeff again, because in an e-mail, he had told me not to be shy, and that 
I should introduce myself(like I did to Achilles at the June 11th show)...but after 
the parking lot, I hadn't seen him all night. So I asked Achilles if he's seen Jeff 
around, and what do you know, as soon as I said it, he walked right over. I introduced 
myself, and he shook my hand. Prior to the show (like a week ago I think) I had asked 
Jeff if the band would Play "Burly Man", after all, it's one of my very favorite songs
of theirs.  He had told me something along the lines of that the band doesn't like to 
play it much anymore, but he'd see what he could do in convincing them to play it for 
me. So I asked Jeff if they were gonna play Burly, and he said yes. Wow, that alone 
was just gonna make my day/night whatever! Jeff then said he would love to sit and 
chat, but he had to go help set up or something. So I said good bye.
   Next up were the Readymen, who I must admit were a LOT better than the last time 
I heard them play (with Undercover S.K.A. and Blindspot back in March of '98).  
They put on a very decent show this time-last time I was quite disappointed with 
them. As soon as they finished, my friend Jason and I went and stood where we knew 
the horn section would be playing during Blindspot...It's become a tradition of mine, 
each time I've seen Blindspot I've been standing in front of the horn section. So 
we reserved our spots. 
   Before we knew it, Blindspot was coming on-stage, and boy did they look smart all
dressed up with black pants, white dress shirts, funny plaid/checkered coats and 
black shoes! I love it when bands dress up. Blindspot put on the BEST show I've ever 
seen them play, they played almost all of my favorite songs-the only one they were 
missing was "Fenced". Here's what the set list reads...what is in (  ) did not actually 
appear on the set list!!!

    For the encore, some girl next to me had asked for the numbers song 
(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12), so they played that (after David took his shoes off,
and some other band members(if I'm not mistaken I think it was Kim) suggested we 
take our shoes and pants off!)
   During Maude David came down off the stage, and said we should start a Congo line. 
So he was leading it, and I hopped in right behind him, and had my hands on his 
shoulders. Before the encore, after they had left the stage, I grabbed the set list 
(I also have the June 11th one) and the empty water bottle that Achilles had left right
 in front of me on the stage...(see my friend Jason and I have this little water bottle 
collection, it started at the SPECIALS concert in March of this year. I was in front of 
Neville and he gave me a water bottle (full), and I took it back and shared it with Ethan 
and Jason (who's idolizes Neville) and I gave it to Jason to cherish forever. Well the 
guys in Blindspot are my gods, so I  kept this empty bottle to cherish forever.) When they
came back on-stage, Achilles had a new water bottle, and after drinking some he put it 
down in front of me, and I took it, then he told me to share it, so I drank some, Jason 
drank some, then we passed it on...I already had my one bottle to cherish.
   After the encore, I tried to bribe a security guard for the HUGE poster on the door, 
but he said no. So Jason and I went out to my car briefly, and my god!! My friends Whitney, 
KT and Steph had gone out and found at least 20 Blindspot posters around town and had 
plastered my car with them! Including one sticking outta my little gas tank flippy lid 
thingy. So we all went back and found another security guard, and bribed him for the 
poster, and he ended up selling it to us. So I was totally stoked!!! I tell you now, 
that poster has a happy home right above my bed! So I found Jeff again and told him 
we got the poster and I told him that they did a great job tonight and thanked him 
for playing Burly Man. My friends introduced themselves to him at this time as well. 
He said he had to go and finish packing up their stuff, so I talked to Achilles briefly again. 
I told him that I got the poster and asked when they were coming back to Santa Cruz, and 
(drum roll please!!!!!)........He said probably in September they'd play here with Slow Gherkin.
I then told Achilles to have fun on their tour, and he said he'd try. Okay, the end!!!! 
Well, not quite I proceeded to drive home with my windows down, blasting Blindspot 
music, and having the poster sticking outta my gas tank flippy lid thingy. As we 
drove I shouted at random people "Blindspot Kicks Ass!!!". I was just slightly hyped after 
the show! Yes, so that's my little story. Hope you enjoyed. And whatever you do, at 
whatever costs, if there's a Blindspot show in your area, you better get off you lazy 
little butt and go see them, you will not be disappointed!!!