No picture available Demo tape titled "Blindspot". Includes Carp, 12 and other old songs. The line-up for this tape is quite differant than the line-up today.
Blind Spot 7 Blindspot's debut record release, a self-titled and self-produced 7" released 1995.
Side A: Dr. Hux, Right Field
Side B:Zaxxon, Clueless
collage from the back of the record This is the collage from the back of the record. If you would like to see a larger version of it (so you can look at the pictures) just click the image
Maude 7 Blindspot's 2nd 7", Maude, released 1996 on Reptilian Records.
Side A:Maude
Side B:King Of The Mountain, Burly Man
Blindspot promo This is Blindspot's promo cd, uh..don't ask how I got it! I just did. It includes Acceleration Zero, Zaxxon, I Want To Believe and Tell Me.
Acceleration Zero cd Blindspot's debut full-length cd, Acceleration Zero released 1998 on TomatoHead Records Tracks include:Acceleration Zero, Zaxxon, Carp, I want To Believe, Dr. Hux, The Fly, Tell Me, Misfit, Fenced, Right Field, S.R. Sexin', VF
Along with these releases, Blindspot also appears on these compilations:
31 Bands Trash 31 Songs From Sesame Street(Bun Length)
This is Raj...and This is ska(Raj)
Thieves, Carp, Out of Time
Bay Area Ska(TomatoHead)
Clueless, King Of The Mountain, Maude, Burly Man
Ska, The Third Wave Volume 2
Misfits Of Ska 2(AsianMan)
King Of The Mountain
Live From Mars(Random Order)
Acceleration Zero, The Fly (both songs are live recordings)
West Coast Skampolation(Ripe Productions)
Just Not Punk Enough- A Ska Comp(Missing Words)
I Want To Believe
Mail Order Is Still Fun(AsianMan)
Middle Ground
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