December 5th, 1998
Jamons, My Superhero, Blindspot, Monkey, Decapitones
Chain Reaction, Aniheim, CA

Ok, where to start? Well the journey to the show takes me about 1 and 1/2 hours driving... I hit some ugly traffic on the way up, and damn those people who drive slow in the FAST lane! Anyways, I get there around 7:30, and I walk in and I see David and he recognizes me so I wave to him. And then he calls for Achilles and I shake his hand. And I hang around with him and some of the guys (Nate, Jeff were there too) for a little while. Right then and there I said Hannah says hello...hehe :-) They say hi back.Oh and turns out that all band members need some wristband, and so Achilles just says to the guy I'm in the band and he gives me one, so I get all the priveleges of band members...meaning in/out priveleges. Hehe...Anyways Achilles suggests to get some coffee he needed something to wake him up. So then Kim, Josh and Sierra arrive to the place and Achilles welcomes them. Achilles ask if anyone wants to get coffee, and Josh and Adam of Monkey are up for it. So we go on a little trek looking for Coffee, and boy there were really no good places. We ended up going to Denny's...and we ordered a little food too. So we sat there and chatted. It was really cool... they're funny guys.

Ok so after Denny's, we head back and it turns out the show had already started and the Jamons finshed before we got there. We were all disappointed that we missed them and apologized to the guys. We then headed in and the decapitones were on. Ummm...they were all right I guess...lots of energy. Oh and their trumpet guy is really weird...really crazy. The crowd was relatively the same size as the Bistro show. A lot of them came to see these guys. Well anyways, they were all right. So then they finished up, and Blindspot was up! Now they played a good it is:

(with 12 in the middle...that was COOL!!! Chuck got a chuckle outta it...he was next to me)

Anyways, the guys played really well and I was into it as well as Chuck and a couple of his friends..and about 6 other people in the crowd...mainly DEAD crowd. No one even came up close to the guys...I was off to the side snapping pics. A lot of people didn't even go into the main area to watch, instead watched on the side was messed up. Oh well, what can you really expect from a crowd that hasn't heard them before, right? So I tell the guys they did a great job and talked a little w/ Achilles and head back w/ them in the band only area and sat back there for awhile. I then proceeded to head out to listen to some of My Superhero, who started playing. They did all right...a lot of the people there came to see them and the crowd was pretty into it. I took a couple pics off to the side...and that was about it. During this part of the show, Achilles tells me that they gotta hit the road, so I offer to shake his hand, and he says no and gives me a hug. So then the guys packed up and headed off and I stayed to watch Monkey. Anyways My Superhero finishes and does most of the crowd...BASTARDS! STAY FOR MONKEY! Only a few do. Monkey comes on, and they're missing some guys...only one horn player, but they still rocked! Only about 15 total people there, including the Jamon guys...but Monkey was rocking the house...and some guys were really skanking their butts off! So they finish off their set, and I cheered and went to the merch table to pick up a Jamons and Monkey cd. After that I headed to my car, took one pic of the venue, and then went home. All in all a great night!

Achilles told me I could go up and take pictures up there on stage if I wanted to, but the stage was small and I didn't want to get in the way. I didn't like the crowd much. They really weren't into any of the Norcal bands, which was wrong. It seemed like they didn't even give them a shot. ugh. The venue was all right though...decent setup. Well there you go...I've got to be off now. talk to you later! Peace Out!

Jeff liked the show!
***A BIG thank you goes to my friend Jeff Chung for this review...wish I coulda been there to review the show for myself... but I trust what Jeff says =0) ***
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