Acceleration Zero Review

Review of Acceleration Zero

Taken from the Bay Area Ska Page
***1/2Blindspot: "Acceleration Zero," Tomatohead Records

Blindspot plays ska with a rock/punk/r&b edge, varying their style constantly. Vocal stylings of David (who also sings in a chorale, so I've heard) give Blindspot a very recognizable sound. They like to vary their tempos a lot in any given song, such as "I Want to Believe" (which was kind of moving too if you listen to the lyrics). I don't really have a favorite song, but you should definetly check out "Dr. Hux" and the title track, both excellent Blindspot live favorites. And then their is the super-fast "Fly" (just TRY skanking to that!) which I also liked. Overall, I was a bit disappointed with this album because I have very very high expectations of Blindspot and was expecting to adore the album. I still like it a lot and recommend it, though.