Locked in a room without a window.
High walls so I can't see.
My window's my imagination,
my mind opens and sets me free.
Tonight I feel like flying
way up in the air
although I'm chained to the ground,
imagination takes me there.
You can't keep me locked in your captivity.
I'll survive in my own reality.
Just like the lonely chalkboard, empty of space.
Everyone has written on me,
somehow the words were erased.
Just like the movement of the ocean,
waves crashing on the beach.
Everyone keeps on asking me questions.
Somehow the answer's out of my reach.
Sometimes I'll sit in my room.
Sometimes I'll watch the stars.
Somethimes I'll plot my doom.
sometimes I'll pretend I'm on mars.
No I may not have an answer to your question,
could be I just never will.
Maybe I'll die tomarrow.
Somebody else can pay my bill.