Burly Man
You waltz right into the show, big strong and tough
dancing is not your intention, hey it's time to get rough
you wanna mosh (mosh)mosh (mosh) show you're a stud
doesn't matter who or what's around
don't matter what music is playing,
you just wanna knock some one down
your heart's just pumping testosterone
You're a mass of muscle and Coppertone
you got "no fear" tatooed on your chest
at being a jerk man you're the best
oh burly man oh burly man,
just stop and take a look around
people actually listen to the music
they're just skankin' and getting down
Oh why don't you get off your stupid mister macho trip?
This ain't Metallica, this ain't Pearl Jam!
Stop your fronting man it's not cool, it's not hip,
why don't you quit?
Chill out mr burly man!
Come on be considerate this ain't football at the 50 yard line
Other people don't think it's cool
always being knocked down on their behind
It's ok to enjoy yourself,
just please don't hinder me!
You must have been watching too much wrestling or MTV
You're all drunk off of Bud Lite
To hell with the music you wanna fight
Push your way all through the crowd
Throwing all you're weight around
Oh burly man oh burly man why do you go to shows anyway?
You're too busy causing havoc
instead of listening to the band play
Why don't you understand people came to see a show?
not get their bodies slammed by Hulk Hogan
You get all violent even when the music's slow
You need to go. Chill out mr. Burly Man
**then it goes into the bee-bop ba doo baop thing**
Oh burly man oh burly man just stop and show a little class
One of these days some little guy or little gal
Is gonna step up and kick your ass
Oh why don't you see people inching away from you?
It's because they don't have health or dental plans
Settle down man it's not too hard to do
come on chill out Mr. Burly Man!
Come on mr burly man
listen to me burly man
chill out mr burly man!