Who's in Blindspot?

The line up as of today is... When they joined...
Josh Clem-Guitar Sept. 1998
Nate Fadelli-Drums 
David Hall-Vocals 
Sierra Spingarn-Tenor Sax Nov. 1998
Former band members... When they departed...
Kim Abrams-Sax Dec. 31, 1998
Ryan Brady-Bass Mar. 1999
Jay Cosper-Guitar Dec. 31, 1998
Nate Elder-Sax 
Ted McCrummen-Vocals 
Achilles Poloynis-Trombone and backing vocals Feb. 1999
Zack Proteau-Bass Aug. 1998
Jeff Underwood-Trumpet and backing vocals Dec. 31, 1998
Jesse Wickman-Drums 
Names in Red indicate line up changes that have occured after "Acceleration Zero" was recorded
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